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InfoPulse LLC
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We develop, design, and build rational websites for small and large businesses, professional practices, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

InfoPulse LLC was founded in July 1998. Our specialty is organizing and presenting information, whether it's in a database, in customer records, in research results, or on a website. We help businesses and corporations, professionals with practices, entrepreneurs, and startups design and build their websites, analyze and organize information and data, figure out hardware and software needs, and conduct research. Our contracts have included:

  • designing, building, and webmastering websites—from the architecture to the graphics to the content—including ecommerce sites;
  • designing site navigation and installing scripts for dynamically generated web pages displaying realtime status information;
  • co-authoring a research report presenting the implications of an emerging web technology;
  • building peer-to-peer networks;
  • on-site technical support;
  • analyzing and interpreting scientific data and preparing graphical displays of that data for books, journals, the web, and PowerPoint presentations;
  • competitive analysis for an ASP (application service provider) startup;
  • usability and user experience analyses for websites;
  • designing user interfaces for websites;
  • designing and implementing an ecommerce application for a vitamin manufacturer;
  • researching and preparing a competitive analysis for a company seeking venture capital;
  • writing a business plan for a dotcom start-up;
  • preparing analysis-based graphics for a mass-release health book;
  • statistical analysis, data table preparation, and editing a paper for submission to a medical journal;
  • web page production for internet, intranet, and extranet sites;
  • preparing a back-of-the-book index;
  • custom javascript, dhtml, and Flash™; and
  • needs determination, selection and installation of business functions software and web services for small businesses.

InfoPulse provides the consulting resources and business services you need at reasonable rates. We customize our services for each client — no need to buy "package" solutions or pay a large retainer when all you may need is specific advice about a specific problem. We understand the needs of small businesses and start-ups from both an insider's perspective (we are a small business and we were a start-up) and from the perspectives of our clients.


Lee is the founding partner of InfoPulse and focuses on information solutions, task analysis, strategy, troubleshooting / trouble prevention, and web design and construction.

Prior to forming InfoPulse, Lee spent ten years analyzing the information and software industries. Formerly editor and analyst at Digital Information Group, she is author and co-author of DIG research products including Winning the Digital News War, Online Factbook, Telcos in Transition, Valuing Software Businesses, Software Industry Factbook, and Information Industry Factbook. She also co-authored Internet Information Publishing Strategies for Probe Research. Lee is co-author of UDDI: A Strategic & Competitive Assessment.

Lee built her first website in the summer of 1996 when she converted a 400-plus page book (Winning the Digital News War) to a web-based subscription publication as a content partner for Gartner Group's @vantage web service.

Before Lee immersed herself in the technology world, she was founding director of a day treatment program for special needs children in Phoenix, Arizona, and taught special needs children in day treatment, hospital, and public school settings (including schools in Arizona and New York City). She was also a specialist in developing and assessing the impact of individualized education plans.

Lee attended graduate school at Columbia University and Brooklyn College, concentrating in the fields of sociology and psychology. She was an undergraduate at the University of Detroit/Marygrove College in the fields of special education for the emotionally impaired and fine art.



Stanley , who is now retired, ensured data integrity; performed statistical analysis; oversaws design, preparation, and presentation of information for the web and for research reports, business plans, and strategic analyses; developed mechanisms for conducting interactive research via the web; and developed and built websites.

He is uniquely gifted at troubleshooting and preventing coding and hardware problems. He oversees technical support. Stanley monitors quality assurance, making sure the websites work—from the code to the user interface to processing, feedback, and order fulfillment.

Stanley is co-author of UDDI: A Strategic & Competitive Assessment. He taught both statistics and the psychology of sensation and perception at State University of New York at Stony Brook. He attended graduate school at State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he obtained his master's degree in experimental psychology. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Bridgeport in the field of psychology (summa cum laude).

Stanley is also founder of a successful subcontracting business, which specializes in project coordination and quality assurance for major home renovation and repair projects for Fairfield County, Connecticut design firms.


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